The Sunland Village Foundation

"Working to Enhance our Community Life"

About the Sunland Village Foundation

Who Are We?

We are residents of Sunland Village who have a heart for the Village and wish to enhance community life through tax credit donations for worthy projects.

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Sunland Village Foundation is to provide a method so that Sunland Village residents can make tax credited donations for projects that enhance the facilities and programs in Sunland Village that will enrich the lives of its residents.

Mission of the Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to further and enhance the mission of the Sunland Village Community Association, to provide a vehicle to make donations and lasting contributions of gifts and bequests, to provide educational and recreational projects with Sunland Village, an to support Mesa community organizations that serve Sunland Village.

The Foundation has been approved by...

The IRS in mid-November 2010 for tax credit fundraising activities.
The Arizona Corporation Commission approved it as an Arizona non-profit corporation in 2010.
The Foundation is allowed to issue tax credit statements to individuals, trusts, and corporations that donate cash, real and personal property, and negotiable financial instruments.

Foundation Membership

The Foundation has begun a Membership drive to help us enhance our community life. Membership indicates that you agree with the mission of the Foundation and that you are willing to help enhance our community. We need members to help us identify possible projects, to help plan and finance those projects and to make the Foundation a productive organization. Your membership fee of $100 will go a long way to making the Foundation effective. All members will receive a tax credit letter. Annual membership includes E-Newsletters, an opportunity to share your expertise, attend monthly Board meetings, and the satisfaction that you are helping to enhance our community. Membership in the Foundation requires that you are a resident and/or owner in Sunland Village. There is a membership form at the end of this website. If you wish to be a member, print the form and send to Sunland Village Foundation, 4601 E. Dolphin Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85206.

Distribution of Funds

Any project developed that includes funding for new or remodeled buildings, equipment and furnishing for buildings, or other capital improvements to Sunland Village common property will have to be distributed to the Sunland Village Community Association, and the SVCA Board will have to approve its acceptance for a project's completion. ​

Why Have a Foundation?

The Sunland Village Foundation is designed to supplement the funding for worthy Village projects and at the same time provides a tax credit to those who make donations. By IRS rules some of the funds may be given to outside organizations like the Fire Department on Greenfield Avenue, the City of Mesa, and area School Districts.

How Your Donation Affects Your Income Taxes

Income tax consequences for a donation for which a tax credit is issued depends on the state in which the donor files their income tax and whether the donor files an itemized Federal tax return or takes the Standardized Deduction. ​

Who Governs the Foundation?

To date a Board of nine Sunland Village residents voluntarily govern the Foundation. However, the Foundation would like to increase the membership of the Board with residents who have specific experiences in areas of foundation finance, foundation operations, marketing experience, and persons who might be major donors. Appointment to the Board of Directors is by a vote of the Board Members.

Types of Donations

Designated Donations: Individual residents of Sunland Village or clubs or organizations within Sunland Village who donate, can specify how the money is to be used.

Undesignated Donations: Donations can be made without a designation to be used at the discretion of the Foundation.

Memorial Donations: Sunland Village residents and/or any of their friends or relatives can make a memorial donation for someone deceased.

Endowment Donations: The Foundation has a process for accepting endowment donations of stocks, bonds, retirement assets, cash, or property. The Foundation would be happy to discuss this process with those who wish to create an Endowment donation. The donor may have the item to be donated appraised, or the Foundation will obtain an appraisal if it is real or personal property. If the item is a negotiable instrument (i.e. stocks or bonds) then the market value at the date of the gift will be established. A tax credit statement will be issued to the donor. The Foundation will have acquired ownership at the gift date. It will decide how to manage the gift, and the appropriate time to sell and convert the gift to cash. The donor of such a gift may also provide it as a gift, or may stipulate an intended project purpose.

How a Project Begins
  • Planning is key to the completion of all projects. The goals of the project and the plan for funding the project need to be provided to the Foundation Board. For clubs and organizations the members of that club become paramount in producing the fundraising effort. The Foundation has limited resources to assist with the fundraising for clubs and organizations.
  • A club or organization will need to have worked with the Sunland Village Community Association Board of Directors before coming to the Foundation Board with the plan to achieve the funds through their own fundraising efforts.
  • The major value of the Foundation is to provide donors with tax credit statements for their donations. ​